About Varan Ettesal

Varan Company was established with the aim of developing information technology and supplying informatic centers. With over a decade of experience in the IT market and with the help of our allied companies, We brought a number of computer engineers and networking specialists with the aim of providing engineering services to the new solutions in the field of computer networking and telecommunications together. And today we have an active and continuous presence in this field.

Later, we have taken an effective step by joining the Chamber of Commerce of Iran, The Iranian computer system Organization and the Tehran Computer Technology Union in providing components sales services, installation and maintaining of computer networks. Varan Co., now becomes one of the major contractor / supplier of the state organs and domestic companies in the field of IT

Mohammad Mehdi KheirKhah


Master of Computer Networking

The Author of paper at IEEE


Milad Sabeghi

Technical Manager

Master of Computer Networking

The Author of paper at ENHANCED RESEARCH


Amin Jasbi

 Sales & Business Manager

Business Administration




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